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Cal Skate Skateboards

Cal Skate Skateboards

Assemble a Skateboard :: Cal Skate Skateboards

How to Assemble a Board

Start with all of the necessary parts: deck, griptape, trucks, wheels, 8 bearings, and 8 mounting bolts. Assembling a Board: Step 1 of 14
Peel off the backing to the griptape and then stick it to the deck. If you want a line in your grip, cut it first. Never cut it when its already on the deck because the deck will potentially break along that cut. Press down on the middle of the sheet and work your way to the edge of the deck. Press firmly and make sure there are no air bubbles in the grip. Assembling a Board: Step 2 of 14
File down the edges with a metal object. The idea is to wear down an outline around the deck so that it is easier to cut. Don’t get the grip stuck to the sides of the deck, just make sure it is firmly pressed down on the top of the deck all the way to the edge. Assembling a Board: Step 3 of 14
Carefully cut the grip away along the line with the blade angled against the edge or the deck. I think its easier to cut toward yourself, just make sure your hand and body are clear. Assembling a Board: Step 4 of 14
Poke out the truck

holes so you can see where to put the bolts.

Assembling a Board: Step 5 of 14
Attach the trucks

to the deck with the bolts. The trucks face each other with the big kingpin

bolt facing the middle of the deck.

Assembling a Board: Step 6 of 14
Carefully tighten

the bolts either by hand or with power tools. See next picture because this

can very easily be done improperly.

Assembling a Board: Step 7 of 14
The countersinking bolts should be flush to the top of the deck, or sticking up about a millimeter. They should NEVER be sunk deeper than this. If you keep tightening them too far they will just keep going. Then you have some major problems: your deck is severely weakened, you may not be able to remove the bolt, and ANY warranty or guarantee there may have been is invalid. Assembling a Board: Step 8 of 14
Press the bearings in as much as possible but don’t hammer them or press down on the shield with any object that might damage them. Use something that only comes in contact with the inner or outer rings. Assembling a Board: Step 9 of 14
The axle of the truck works good for this. Carefully press down until the bearing is firmly set into the wheel. Assembling a Board: Step 10 of 14

After pressing in both bearings, double-check if your small washer is in place on the axle between the truck and the wheel. Having one between the wheel and the axle nut is also good but this inner one is most important for protecting your bearing.

Assembling a Board: Step 11 of 14
Carefully tighten the wheel and don’t over- tighten it. Wiggle it back and forth as you tighten it to get an idea how far to go. Assembling a Board: Step 12 of 14
Give the wheel a spin and always make sure that it is free-spinning. Assembling a Board: Step 13 of 14
When the board is put together, stand on it to check the tightness of the trucks and adjust the kingpin to your liking. Looser is for better turning, tighter is for more stability. Congratulations, now you can skate! Assembling a Board: Step 14 of 14

11 Responses to “Assemble a Skateboard”

  1. brian waggoner Says:

    That will help me improve with putting a deck together. Becouse the first time i did it by myself I put the bolts in to far in the board and my grip tape the edges still had acsess grip. I still want to try by myself but i need to practice more. THANK YOU

    Brian Waggoner

  2. DeeDee Says:

    My name is DeeDee. I am a single mother of a 10 yr old girl who really wants a
    Skateboard. I want to buy her a nice board, Parts to put together myself for her for her birthday.
    This is very helpful to do this one thing for her.
    Thank you.

  3. shoegooguru Says:

    Thanks… I am a tall rider and like old school boards. Just wondering if CS has ever experimented with slots where the truck bolt holes are(for adjusting wheel base)? or multiple sets of holes for doing same; or if it gives enough difference to even be worth doing so? I realise this is beyond what this page is for…basic board assembly. Just wondering before I try it what your thoughts or experiences may have been?
    I am thinking that an added set or two of holes at each end of the board would leave the board stronger than slots(a 32″ board in mind here) either way appreciate your thoughts on.

    Well designed site!

  4. Howard Says:

    Thanks for the question on mounting holes. Some boards come with multiple hole settings to adjust the wheel base which relates to turning radius. In most cases folks buy boards that have the desired wheel base and in other cases some longer boards come with multiple settings for this adjustment. The shorter the wheelbase the tighter a board can turn and the longer the wheelbase the more stable at higher speeds but it’s really what you find works for you. Howard

  5. samy cool Says:

    do the trucks needs to be longer,than the deck or same lenght??????????? thnks peeps

  6. howard Says:

    Trucks should be the same width of the board or a bit smaller if you are riding wide wheels. The idea is not to have your wheels sticking out on most boards. This does not apply to some longboards designed for wider trucks

  7. samy cool Says:


  8. Eric Says:

    Thankyou very much, i will be putting my 2nd ever board together tomorrow, my first came already assembled
    i was looking for help on how to make bigger gaps in the griptape for a logo that i dont want to cover up, any more help with that would be greatly appreciated

    Great site!

  9. Nic Says:

    It was ridiculously hard to find this information online! Thanks! I’ve never touched a longboard before, but decided to try it.

  10. aerostar Says:

    just some thoughts on customizing…… griptape can be different grits , colored or clear, i use clear with huge 2 step grit for a better footlock. . for bearings, most are 7 balls, with an odd amount you are always riding one one ball or none creating friction and noise, i use sixballs so there is an opposing bearing ball constantly truing up the axle / much faster and quieter. (bones) also bushing are a big deal if you are pumping and need your board to rebound more. this also helps if you have low board flex or are lighweight. i use khiro blacks with a barrel between the board and truck, and a short lined cone on top. this matches an indy with no mods. also replace the base bushing washer with a cup to hold it in . (quiet) the super hard purples are just too hard. be sure to use speed rings as is described above. most riders have a deck that’s way too loose, in your hardest turn you should be able to hit two wheels with no wheelbite. if you feel like you have to balance on your board or have problems with speedwobs, tighten those trucks and weight the front. thanks

  11. choobs Says:

    this does help, because when i got my new deck i accidently put the bolts in too far and had to keep triming the griptape edges.

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