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Cal Skate Skateboards

Cal Skate Skateboards

Skate Tips :: Cal Skate Skateboards

We are here to answer any of your questions!  Add a comment to this page if you want us to add a HowTo or Tip.

Here’s some we already have:

- How to Assemble a Skateboard
- How to Maintain your Bearings
- Where to find Skateparks in Oregon

9 Responses to “Skate Tips”

  1. kyle Says:

    how do i do a kickflip i do what people say just dont know if i cant ollie high enough or i cant do the flip part. please answer

  2. marius Says:

    how do i do a 360flip. i cant get the flip

  3. Chad Briese Says:

    The great part about the “new” board design is it makes the flip easier. As you start your ollie continue to slide your foot towards the the nose of the board which will almost flip the board for you. The best way is to watch others and lots of practice. I hope this helps. Good luck brothers.

  4. Jonathan Maestas Says:

    With the kick flip its jus like an ollie just focus on rolling your flicking ankle and flick down from the concave. So like imagine flicking out and down with the side of your flicking foot. once you get better they will come easier and the flick will be a breeze. jus keep working on em and get em like butter.

  5. Niyah hoskinson Says:

    for a tre flip, try put your back foot on the edge with your toes right
    where they would start to curl over the pocket of the board.
    your front foot should be put where it feels most comfortable. and a fraction of
    a second after u scoop the pocket of the tale u will want to flick ur front foot
    to the side of da board.bend your knees as u land to absorb the impact,and roll away.
    keep on tryen em util u land it! it takes a lot of practice!

  6. carson Says:

    with the kick flip i like to push my right foot(i ride goofy) out and then down, once you see the board start to flip pull both feet up into your chest and when you see the grip tape stomp on the bolts

  7. nash Says:

    if you want to learn tre’s theres a vidoe called transworld show me the way its verrry usefull for learnign tres and various other tricks mostly because that stafen janoski guy is doing the trick tip for them and he has very nice tres but yea watch that movie itll make u wanna learn tres just like him

  8. slappy Says:

    kickflips are easy i am try ing to learn 360 flips brtter i can flip it just cant land with both feet mostly just one

  9. skaterlad Says:

    it’s all mental you know ….you have to love the game and work hard…think about what you are doing, visualize all your movements and remember what you did wrong and think about your trick on a scientific and physics level…how do you guys think Mullen got so good…..the improved cos I love skateboarding and I enjoy the thrill of it…I just wish I had more time to do it what I love….keep up the skating lads

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