====================How to do................Acrylic Transfers==================
Step by Step =======


minimal stuff

brushing it on

probably a bit much

I'd rather use my finger

Appying the gel.

placing it on a surface

getting it straight

pressing down on any uneven surfaces

Using a burin

if there's too much medium it can slip around

press it down real good

test a corner to see what's up

you should see the copy sticking to the surface

like so

Here's a screw-up caused by a glob of wet gel medium

press that spot back down

try the other side

Save your scraps

I use a teeny bit of water at first

Then rub the paper away. These are already dry. Work on multiple things at once.

peel the paper away

I used a bit more water once I knew it was really on there

checking up on this guy

ripped the paper away - watch those edges!

checking the image

I know its dry so I can really wet it down again

some finished products


transfers can go on anything, whaddaya know, an old busted up shoe!

this time I'll use gesso

this lil guy's goin on my old shoe

It doesn't matter if you put the gesso on the surface or the image

pressing it down, but I will leave it all night because its bedtime and super thick paint

it basically worked

by Paul Fujita    

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