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Howard � I would just like to extend a big thanks for the kindness that you and your employees extended to us on our Oregon trip last week. My high school kids loved your shop, luckily bought some stuff, but were most impressed by how friendly and genuine everyone was in your store. Many of them voiced that they were going to order from you in the future � so look for the Whitefish, MT addresses. Luckily for me, I broke my board street skating in P-town and am still loving the Peter Hewitt deck I bought. We did hang out with Red in Lincoln City and he seemed well � which is very, very good. So, thanks again for your generosity. I hope I�m back in September on an old man skate trip (no school kids), and if so Brown (the other chaperone) and I will make sure and swing by again. Thanks for everything y�all do for skateboarding!! Take care � Matt

Hey Man I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for you processing my order with the quickness. I really appreciate the service you provided me with just a week ago. Without knowing it you helped me obtain a piece of my childhood by sending me the SC Grosso demon deck,plus you even choose a pimp color for me. I trusted you man and you did not fail me. So in conclusion if you can keep me posted with any other reissues such as Hosio and Alba Tiger it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Marcus (KROQ Radio LA Ca.)

Hello Howard:

I just wanted to thank you for such great service and prompt delivery of my re-issued Matt Hensley deck. Sixteen years ago, I ordered the original H-Street Hensley deck from you guys and had the same wonderful experience. I would have never guessed that I would be ordering the same deck after almost 2 decades! Anyway, thanks for keeping up with great service and products!


Jason S

Howard, I received the decks in good condition yesterday. Thank you. You're the man! You know what, you must laugh when you hear kids say that - cuz back in the day you were fighting "the man" and now it means something else - haha.

Hi Paul & Howard!

Just to tell you that we've received the deck and t-shirts and it's perfect!Marcel will love it but he will have to wait until Christmas! Thanks again for the prompt shipping and the business and we'll talk again later onwards for sure!

We both wish you all already a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance and enjoy it!

Many kind regards,

Gerda & Marcel

Thanks for your prompt and professional customer service. I received my tshirts thursday , which was just in time. You can count on my future business.


I received my board yesterday and it looks fantastic. I really appreciate the excellent grip tape job and the PP decal, as well as the fact that you honored my wheel request. I'll be back when I need more gear.

Have a good one,


Just rec'd today the skateboard for Christmas for my grandson. He thinks the deck he picked out is out of stock and isn't getting the board for Christmas. He'll be so excited to see it.

I wanted to compliment you on your promptness in getting the board ready and shipped from your facility. Also, I was impressed how you called to ask about cutting out the grid-tape so the logo would that is great service, because being that I know "0" about skateboards, my grandson will be thrilled when he sees the professional job you did in putting down the tape.

Thanks for the great job, well done! Trudy Wilkerson

Hello Calsk8,

I have purchased 3 decks and some tee's so far and have been very happy with your service. The only disappointment was the off centre graphic on my Natas reissue but I know that this is not your fault and is a problem with SC quality control..

you always answer my queries promptly and the items I've ordered were well packed for overseas shipping (fast as well)

I find your site easy to use with no drama's when ordering things.

I will pay for the Jessee deck this Thursday (my payday) and I am really looking forward to it coming out. Hopefully SC have better quality control then on the Natas reissues!

Regards, Ian

Hey, I'd like to thank you guys for the shirts I ordered. The service was a surprise, one never knows what to really expect when dealing with a phone call 3000 miles away. Thanks again

Aaron P.

Hi Howard,

I recently ordered Santa Cruz and Powell reissue decks. Shipping was fast and the decks are great! I will definitely be ordering more soon. Thanks for the great service!

Benjamin L.

thank you as well for taking the time out to answer my questions and having great customer service. i will most definitely be ordering form you again. thanks again for hooking me up with the neats, and soon as i get it, ill send you guys a pic of me using it to toss in the shop

Harry S.

How's it goin Howard?

You guys sent me an email requesting feedback.

I was telling Paul that here in the D.C. area there are about 20 skate shops but, none of them have an inventory as good as yours. And the customer service at those places CAN NOT EVEN COMPARE to you guys'. Your shop can't be beat. Paul has got it goin on. I have utmost confidence in his knowledge. I have placed orders w/Tyler also and he is equally laid back and responsive to any thing that I may wanna know. Ha - I have placed orders w/you even; I have got boards from you as far back as the 80's. Not continuously of course, I was over seas in the Army quite a bit. In Iraq (2003-2004) it seemed liked every single pool I saw was drained but of course there was zero skating.

Your experience is hard to beat. Your about as OG as it gets man. I was 6 in 1976 but you were already at the helm of the budding skate ind.

You have heart Bro.

I have snail mailed Paul a small package w/a piece of grip tape and some cds,etc.

I hope it finds you all well.


James E.


Everything arrived safely yesterday. I appreciate the fact that you respond to my inquiries. I know you're a busy man so I hate to bother you. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the excellent service you and your company provide. It's because of this I buy all of my skateboard needs from you. Thanks again!

Your loyal customer,

Brendan H.

I just wanted to say thanks to the shop for helping us choose a first skateboard for our kid. You were really straightforward, helpful, not at all condescending, and answered more questions than we thought to ask. I feel like we ended up with a board that will be used by our family for a long time, and that we found a skateboard shop that we'd be very happy to refer anyone to. We'll be back next time we're in Portland! Keep up the good work.

Kiri S.

I just wanted to say thanks to the guys that helped me today. My daughter and I do not have much experience yet but the guys made us feel welcome and have made lifetime customers. We will be back soon.

Dillon B.

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